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May 16, 2016
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May 16, 2016

Sun protection glass units


Sun control glass units are designed to easily adjust the quality and characteristics of the light coming through the window. This is especially useful for buildings facades that are made mostly out of glass. Using a variety of solar control glazes, there is a possibility to adjust the light throughput (LT), light reflectance (LR), and the solar factor (g). To create a cozy and comfortable environment, buildings should be equipped not only with warm but also light-permeable and solar-protected glass units.

Solar control glass, which can be toned, mirror or sun control glass, is used for the outer glass plate.

Toned glass

Toned glass – it is a tinted or colored mass glass plate. This is a glass unit with an external functional glass plate that is mostly made of tinted glass, allowing you to choose the glass shade and reducing the absorption of solar energy into the room. One disadvantage of it, however, is limited light penetration into the room; additionally, on sunny days the glass unit heats up and begins to emit the heat itself, which might lead to breakage, so it needs to be tempered.

Mirror glass

Mirror glass – with a reflective coating. This kind of glass unit uses an external functional glass plate that is clear or tinted, and has special light and solar reflective coatings. Unfortunately, reflective glass also reflects sunlight, which is reduced as well.

Solar control glass

Sun control glass – the newest type of glass, which is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe. Visually there is little difference to distinguish it from clear glass, but it effectively reflects the sun’s rays and effectively insulates the space in the wintertime. This glass only requires a certain amount of sunlight to ensure adequate lighting, but also to prevent the room from overheating. Solar control glass not only protects against heat loss in winter, but also reduces the air-conditioning costs in the summertime.