KOEMMERLING 88+ uPVC windows/ balcony doors

KBE 70 AD Renovation uPVC windows
June 13, 2016
KOEMMERLING 76 AD uPVC windows/balcony doors
June 13, 2016

KOEMMERLING 88+ uPVC windows/ balcony doors

Energy saving windows are produced using the KOEMMERLING 88PLUS 6-chamber triple seal system with 88 mm installation depth. These windows are warm, safe, durable, helping to significantly reduce the amount of energy used for heating, and meet the highest requirements for sound insulation. The constant increase in energy prices requires the maximisation of economical solutions. Investing in windows that provide higher thermal insulation is a choice that pays off in the long term. With its 6-chamber technology and ability to glaze thicker insulated glass units, the KOEMMERLING 88PLUS system achieves the highest thermal conductivity and energy savings, consistent with the requirements for a passive house.

  • Window/balcony door profile suitable for Passive Houses
  • Profile name – KOEMMERLING 88+
  • Frame width – 88 mm
  • Number of chambers – 6
  • Number of EPDM seals – 3
  • Profile U value (Uf) – 1.0 W/(m²K)
  • Window U value (Uw) – up to 0.8 W/(m²K)
  • Glazing thickness – 24 or 48 mm
  • Sound insulation – up to 48 dB
  • Winkhaus activPilot Concept fittings
  • Opening possibilities – fixed or inward-opening
  • Standard colour – white (RAL 9016)
Bottom hinge


Opening modes

Turn ingoing
Tilt ingoing
Tilt&Turn ingoing
Top Hung ingoing