KBE 70 uPVC windows with increased ventilation

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June 13, 2016
KBE 70 AD Renovation uPVC windows
June 13, 2016

KBE 70 uPVC windows with increased ventilation

One of the most important requirements for a healthy and comfortable life is ventilation. Indoor spaces that are not properly ventilated make the environment harmful to human health, creating favourable conditions for the appearance or dissemination of viral diseases. Due to the accumulation of moisture, the inside of the glass surface begins to “sweat” on the inside, which may cause a variety of problems: stains on the walls and ceiling, unpleasant odours, fungi or mould, which can in turn even cause allergies. As modern windows are very tight it is particularly important to take additional measures to ensure proper ventilation. WINDEX has created a window specially designed for that purpose, which also has a mosquito protection function.

  • A reliable and efficient ventilating solution in the absence of a forced ventilation system in the room;
  • Mosquito protection function;
  • Minimizes fogging and prevents mould;
  • Can be opened in the winter, without the fear that the snow or rain will enter the premises, and in the summertime a built-in net will protect the interior from insects.
Bottom hinge


Opening modes

Turn ingoing
Tilt ingoing
Tilt&Turn ingoing
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